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Mindfulness at Work

If you want to decrease stress in your organization or workplace, I can help.


Since 2010, I have taught mindfulness for stress reduction to a variety of audiences including at businesses, healthcare organizations and school systems.  


Mindfulness means paying attention to the present moment without judgment.  Studies show that practicing mindfulness helps improve focus and emotional regulation, while decreasing worry and rumination. 


This benefits an organization as it can improve the mental and physical health of its members while improving job performance and satisfaction.  


I offer single interactive presentations or a series of 6-9 week sessions.  I can travel to your workplace or we can meet virtually.  Please contact me so we can discuss the needs of your organization and how I can best serve you. 


Why hire me?  


I love to teach and I include humor, storytelling and audience participation.  I have led successful stress reduction programs for a variety of audiences.  These include nine week courses at Families First, Cross Roads House shelter and Lamprey Health Center.  I helped bring Mindfulness to the Portsmouth school system, leading courses for teachers in all five schools. I have presented to biotech employees, adolescents, new parents and more.  


I have years of experience helping people manage stress.  As a nurse practitioner, I worked with underserved people in crisis for many years - first in Chicago, IL and then here in Portsmouth, NH.  I discovered mindfulness while working as the medical director of the Health Care for the Homeless program at Families First.  I was looking for a way to help my clients, who often had stress-related conditions, so they could learn preventative tools for self care.


In 2009, I went on my first silent retreat, a prerequisite for the Practicum in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction. This program, at the UMass Memorial Health Center for Mindfulness, is one of the most highly researched in the world.  Along with the silent retreat, it profoundly changed my life.  I have continued my mindfulness training since by attending many silent retreats, mind-body medical conferences and mindful teaching programs.  I continually study the latest neuroscience and mindfulness research to create offerings that will best meet the needs of each organization.  


What’s the difference between this (Mindfulness at Work) and Wellness Coaching?


Mindfulness at Work is for organizations.  It is secular and does not include Reiki energy healing.  


Wellness coaching is for individuals and includes Reiki.  With wellness coaching, we choose the mindful teachings and practices that are best for you.  Reiki is offered to help clear energetic blocks that might be holding you back from your true potential.  

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