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I discovered yoga in 2002, while pregnant with my first daughter.  I loved how matching movement and breath calmed my nervous system.  I learned yoga is so much more than the poses we do on the mat.  It is a mindfulness practice that helps us access peace and joy within.  


Jill Capobianco of Jill Capobianco Wellness with her arm stretched upward in a yoga pose

I completed my 200 hour yoga training in the Spring of 2018 through the Illumina program at 3 Bridges Yoga. Chronic wrist injuries taught me patience and self compassion, parts of yoga that are less talked about.  I learned how to modify poses, as well as breathwork and other practices to help balance our energy centers, or chakras.  


I currently teach at 3 Bridges Yoga studio.  My teaching is inclusive and trauma sensitive.   I include modifications to make sure every person realizes yoga is a practice and they belong.    

Whether you are new to yoga or an experienced yogi with an injury, private yoga lessons can make a

huge difference.

I will help you find the correct postures and sequences to safely serve your individual needs. Postures, breath practices, mantras and more that you can use in class and in everyday life to help you restore peace and balance.

Private yoga sessions, corporate classes, chair yoga, and more are available starting at $75 an hour.  


Since 2019, I have also proudly served on the board of directors for Yoga in Action, a non-profit supporting individuals living with cancer, with disabilities, in recovery, trauma survivors, and more.  

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