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“Don’t you know yet?

It is YOUR light that lights the world.”

- Rumi

Wellness Coaching

Do you feel stuck?  Overwhelmed?  Out of balance?  

Do you have chronic pain?  Insomnia?  Anxiety? 

Are your coping mechanisms not serving you?

With the pandemic and world events, we are living in an unprecedented time of stress.  Stress can exacerbate existing health problems and create new ones.  If you are having any of the above issues, you are not alone.  Many of us are feeling out of balance and need support.  


Wellness coaching helps you create

new coping mechanisms when life is difficult.   


Advances in brain imaging have led to discoveries about the mind-body connection:  how we can change habits and improve our lives.  Many of these studies reinforce time-tested yogic practices.  (Did you know yoga has been practiced for over 5,000 years?)  More than just poses, yoga includes other mindful techniques that calm the nervous system and make us more resilient.


This wellness coaching is unique, as I offer tools based on both ancient and modern healthcare practices.  


We will explore strategies based in neuroscience, mindfulness, yoga, and more.  Together we will choose the tools that feel right for you.  Each session also includes Reiki to clear energetic imbalances which can hold us back from our true potential.   


If you want to make a positive shift in your life,

wellness coaching is for you. 


I will help you make an achievable plan that fits into your life.  We will track your progress and adjust your goals as needed, so you can access peace and joy.  

Wellness Coaching Rates: (a minimum of 4 sessions is recommended)

  • 1 hour session $125

  • Package of 4 sessions $380 (save $120)

  • Package of 6 sessions $510 (save $240)

  • Package of 8 sessions $600 (save $400)

  • Package of 12 sessions $780 (save $720)

20% discount* on individual sessions (not packages) for veterans, teachers and local small business owners.
*Please contact me for a coupon code.  


Still unsure?  Email with any questions or click "Book Now" to schedule a free 30 minute consultation to learn more.


HOURS: By Appointment Wednesdays 9:15am-4pm 


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